Time Bars - Do you know the terms of your suppliers?

Many Bunker suppliers impose strict terms, which can vary from 7- 30 days, with stringent procedural steps to be followed by the buyer. If a buyer is unable to put a claim in prior to the time bar’s expiration, the claim will not be accepted.

Some of the challenges buyers run into are:

- Time-Charterer may not have control over the ship consumes the fuel

- Due to cargo and weather delays, the fuel is not consumed within the time bar

- Vessel's tank configuration prevents the fuel from being consumed within time bar constraints

- No pre-test was done on the fuel

- Receipt of a fuel test is delayed

ClearLynx will be adding time bar to all stem confirmations as well as on the bid/ask screen. This will help clients better negotiate time bars with pop up alerts differentiating supplier’s terms, hopefully making owners more aware of any differences between payment terms & time bar. Also as mentioned in last week’s Insight, ClearLynx has new  fuel quality reporting , that if fed fuel tests in a timely matter, can help owners identify and make claims prior to the time bar expiring. 


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