Forward Voyage Planning - Optimizing fueling port and lift volume  

ClearLynx has released a new feature to our Optimization and Planning, further supporting forward planning by displaying spot bunker prices on a map, which with AIS includes vessel position.

We know the importance of voyage planning and this new map allows buyers to see an overview of their voyage with spot prices filtered in through ClearLynx Pricing & Analytics. One perk of the price map is that it gives operators the ability to see if there are bunker only opportunities along their voyage that can be taken advantage of and added into the voyage. In the map above, you can see the voyage begin in Long Beach, cut through Panama (where the vessel is shown), head toward the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean Sea before being cut off heading to the Suez Canal. 

The output screen shown, contains all the details of the voyage from ROBs on arrival & sailing, ETA in port, consumption to next next port, as well as also recommending where to bunker and how much to volume to lift. You can see the optimizer is minimizing the stem quantity in Balboa, lifting just enough to reach the Mediterranean before ultimately maxing out to 100% LSFO capacity in Malta where prices are lowest.

The bunker inventory monitor shown above will help operators focus on two key elements: port and stem volume. Operators will be able to monitor multiple ships from the same screen showing their most recent stem, next and current capacity. Additionally ClearLynx's Optimization and Planning has tools to aid with bulk purchasing decisions as well as the ability to store complete back tests of all vessels.  

With prices on the rise since lows were recorded in May, the need for better voyage planning is apparent.  Using a planning tool to optimize port and stem volume decisions combined with good supplier coverage, and a buyer’s negotiation skills will all help to provide the lowest unit price per stem, vessel, and fleet over time.

We look forward to your comments or inquiries on how the various parts work in unison to meet your goals.


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