12 November 2020

Are Traders and Brokers Good for You? Yes!

Yes, both traders and brokers are good! A study performed by ClearLynx in the key bunkering hubs Singapore, Fujairah, Gibraltar, and ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) found that since September, traders have beat physical (direct) VLSFO deals on average by $2.83 in September, $4.76 in October, and $10.90 so far in November. Traded deals accounted for ~15% of all stems during this period. A breakdown of our findings can be found below.

With professional teams located in most major bunkering hubs, traders offer the convenience of a global office network providing a one-stop shop for brokerage, trading, and supply. With such extensive networks, both brokers and traders offer a level of market intelligence and ability to negotiate with suppliers that many small owners cannot compete with, often resulting in more competitive deals and better price performance. Traders also offer the benefit of being able to offer lines of credit, some even able to offer extended terms; something not commonly done to all shipowners by most physical suppliers.

How ClearLynx Helps 

ClearLynx’s online platform allows its owners to easily connect with all traders, brokers, and suppliers in over 1000 ports and to facilitate this ease of procure to pay management via an 24/7 accessible platform. With ClearLynx’s reporting packages, owners, brokers, traders, etc. can create visual benchmarking representations to review their ongoing performance.




Through our bunker procurement, pricing and analytics platform, we have unique visibility of actual and indicative pricing, product requirements, availability and completed transactions across the market. By aggregating this anonymized data, coupled with over a decade of historical data, we can provide insight into market activity, current trends and commentary on potential future outcomes. 

ClearLynx Market Insights brings you the latest thoughts and findings from our team based on real data.


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